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Fall 2017 Grants

Fall 2017 grants are in review!

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Partners in Education have choices when it comes to what kind of services they want to provide.


  • Reading buddies: One of the most popular choices; Volunteers from a business, church, or organization are paired with students who need extra help in learning how to read. This option is popular for small Partners with limited time to offer. An example of a Reading Buddies partner is the Daybreak Rotary Club of Griffin. Several of their members take an hour each week to read aloud with a struggling student.
  • Math buddies: Similar to reading buddies; focused on math.
  • Work-based learning: This choice gives a Partner the ability to help form the workforce of tomorrow – in their own establishment! Students in career pathway coursework get to work right along side professionals in the real world. This option requires a close working relationship with the Work-based learning program of the Griffin-Spalding County School System and a minimum of 5 hours a week.
  • Food and Beverage: This option is great for restaurants wishing to contribute to a school in a meaningful manner. Provide food and/or beverages for school functions and events. Example: Piggly Wiggly grocery provides sodas to its partner school for their fall festival.
  • Character Education: Support the efforts of Character Education by providing incentives and prizes for students.
  • School Supplies provider: Provide needed school supplies to a school or academic program that needs them. Example: DaySpring Community Church provides bookbags filled with school supplies to needy students at their partner school.
  • Volunteers – Provide volunteers to help with a school event. Example: Union Baptist Church provides volunteers to assist with their partner elementary school’s fall festival.
  • Financial Donors / Fundraisers – Help a school obtain resources by providing the funding it needs. Example: Many restaurants offer a spirit night and donate a percentage of that evening’s profits to their partner school.


The choices are nearly endless – it comes down to what a Partner wants to do.